ADA Compliance & Asbestos Removal

ADA Compliance offered Before Renovating Buildings

Before beginning a renovation of any type on your residential or commercial property. Consider hiring an ADA Compliance company who will ensure your construction methods comply with certified ADA Access requirements. Often time companies hire construction companies to remove asbestos and in the process remodel the existing structure during the process. What a lot of commercial property owners and private schools dont add into the equation, is handicap compliance standards – meaning ADA Compliance offering the individuals who are handicapped, access to the property.

Asbestos Removal from Private Schools and ADA Certification

School CASP certification

Private schools must comply with ADA standards as well as remove all asbestos from their current campus. Several southern California schools have recently faced this issue and have since renovated the current structure to better accommodate the students. During this period the school system took an proactive approach towards ensuring their students had enough handicap access

and sufficient wheelchair ramps. Incorporating handicap access to your property is an important way to reduce liability for lack of ADA compliance.


Hotel & Apartment Complex CASp Certification & Asbestos Removal

apartment ada certification los angeles caWhen building or renovating a hotel or apartment complex built previously to 1960, one should also consider hiring a professional CASp Inspector in Los Angeles Ca when considering renovation and removal of any asbestos. Hiring a professional Certified Access Specialist before you begin your renovation process will help eliminate any issues related handicap access liability your property might face. People often times consider asbestos to be the culprit for most companies as the insurance claims are through the roof when filled. Unfortunately they often miss the lack of handicap access the property allows and may suffer a lawsuit due to this issue. Recently a news article was published in Arizona regarding a woman suing over 100 hotels for lack of handicap access.



Pool & Spa Asbestos Info

Professional Pool Service in Orange County Removes Asbestos

Asbestos is a highly cancerous material which was recently banned from production in the last 20 years. Not long ago an orange county public pool area was closed down due to the powdery substance found in the structure of the pool and spa. Unfortunately, the standards set before the pool (as over 40% of orange county pools have been built before 1999 and a little over 15% with

orange county pool service

asbestos material we calculate) means someone might still own an asbestos-built pool unintentionally in your neighborhood. Pool spa service is a great way to remove any previous asbestos issues.

Proper Pool Spa Service will remove any previous asbestos

Its unlikely this is an isolated case as asbestos is mostly used in cealings, roof shingles, and other various construction materials. During the height of its popularity the primary chemical was used in fire retardant spray used on both commercial and residential properties.

Re plastering your Pool or Spa is Effective when Removing Asbestos

This same chemical was used in a pool plaster used on the 15% of houses potentially remaining today. Orange county has recently mandated that all orange county pool service companies eliminate this type of plaster within their material collection and future jobs.

These specifically Laguna beach pool service companies were mandated by the city to report any and all properties who owned pools built before 1999. Newport Beach and Irvine followed suit shortly thereafter, fortunately most pools in those cities were built post 1999 or without the material entirely.


Animals & Koi Pond Asbestos Poisoning

Avoid Koi Pond Asbestos Poisoning

Sadly the unforeseen effects of dated roof tiles has left animals and other wildlife to reap the unfortunate results of asbestos poisoning. Run off from nearby dated homes can cause streams and other water basins to collect water when the rainy season has arrived. Often times we do not realize the potential for our personal animals to be caused harm by drinking the tainted water. This especially applies to koi ponds with immediate koi pond repair needed to remove the asbestos. Sadly we see a lot of this in koi ponds and water features as asbestos builds up.

Here are a few animals to watch for in regards to asbestos exposure

Dogs & Cats with Asbestos


Cats and Dogs can become victims of direct asbestos exposure. Sadly a dog or a cat can carry dangerous tainted asbestos fibers on their fur or paws if they have been in home or location where asbestos is present. Homes built previously to the 1980’s can still hold a great amount of left-over asbestos without noticing. Make sure to bring them to a local vet if they are experiencing any symptoms of asbestos exposure.


Horses & Cattle Stock


Farms and very dated towns are plagued with asbestos related issues with their cattle and larger animals. Corn stock, and old debris often collect over the years. Even with the house or farm rebuilt and all asbestos removed, the surrounding soil and pastures may still contain enough asbestos to be lethal to your live stock and those who consume them.





Fish and Turtle Ponds Service to Remove Asbestos

Koi Pond Service

With dated roof shingles and rain comes the side effect of water collection in basins. If you own a koi pond or turtle pond, your water basin may be collecting tainted water which could ultimately harm your fish and turtles. Sadly one would not notice if the fish have been recently affected with asbestos poisoning as it is hard to tell until it is too late. We suggest running your filter during the rainy seasons daily and hiring an experienced koi pond service or koi pond repair company to help you when an emergency arrives.

If you think any of your animals or wildlife may have succumb to asbestos poisoning, we suggest calling a company to remove the poisoned area as soon as possible as sadly our animals will usually get cancer faster than humans and can tell us ahead of time when asbestos is around.







Asbestos and Mesothelioma

Asbestos:ChemicalComposition, Properties, and Effects on Health.

Steps to Protect Against Asbestos & Mesothelioma

The word “asbestos” comes from Latin and means “non-combustible”. This is the way a group of six fibrous minerals is called, which exists in the environment in a natural form. The asbestos’ minerals have long and strong separable and quite flexible fibers, which are crisscrossed and hot proof.

Due to these characteristics the asbestos has been utilized for a wide range of manufactured products, mainly for construction materials (tiling for flooring and roofs, paper products and asbestos’ cement), friction products (car’s clutches brake and transmission pieces), and hot proof cloths.

The exposition to asbestos generally occur breathing contaminated air in work places that produce or use it. The asbestos is present also in buildings whose walls are being repaired.

Diseases provoked by the asbestos can appear even after some years of stop being exposed to it. The asbestos penetrates into the organism through the respiratory system. When the asbestos’ powder is inhaled, the fibers can reach the lungs remaining there and becoming later into a constant irritation that ends in the alteration and destruction of the pulmonary tissue. The interaction between the asbestos and tobacco is remarkable for it increases the probabilities of getting lung cancer.mesothelioma-causes

There are some individual genetic factors, not yet identified, which determinate that some exposed to asbestos workers get ill and some do not. Therefore, prevention is a must!

Asbestos: Cause of Cancer

It has been determined by the Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization that asbestos is a human carcinogen. Breathing asbesto strongly increase the potential of cancer in human beings. There are two forms of cancer derived from asbesto exposure: mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Mesothelioma is an strange form of cancer of the lining that surrounds the lungs (pleural membrane) or the abdominal cavity (the peritoneum). This kind of cancer does not develop immediately, on the contrary, its symptoms appear after some years. Not only does this disease affect the lungs, but it also can cause cancer in other parts of the body, for example, stomach, pancreas, kidneys intestines and esophagus. The individual’s survival and quality of life depends on the early diagnostic and treatment of the disease.

Asbestos together with cigarette smoke increase the odds of suffering from lung cancer. If a person has been exposed to asbestos, it is vital to stop smoking. This action completely depends on the individual and it is the most important action to be taken.

Malign Mesothelioma


What is the Mesothelioma? It is a Mesothelio’s diffuse malign tumor that comes from long exposition to asbestos. It can affect the pleura, the peritoneum and the pericardium, being the pleural localization more frequent, for the peritoneal one requires a longer exposition to this mineral.

It is true. Most Mesotheliomas come from the exposition to the asbestos, which occur in workplaces that do not even take the minimum security measures in an 80-85 %. It seems to be a dosage-response relation: a minimal dosage of exposition to asbestos is enough for producing the disease in very low levels and it can also appear in a latent way, sometimes for more than ten years.

The pleural Mesothelioma is associated with asbestosis in a 25 % is frequently joined with pleural spill, dyspnoea, thorax pain and pleural enlargement. From a radiologic point of view, it initially shows with images similar to pleural plaques. After some time, images with irregular shadows and sharp outline can appear.

The presence of hialuronic acid into the pleural liquid can confirm the diagnosis, despite the fact that it is a low sensitivity and specificity test. The etiologic diagnosis is based in the recount of fibers. In their absence, the story of the previous exposition is enough to determinate the causal relation.